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Made in Montana

Made in Montana

Montana is home to extremely creative individuals who create works of art, crafts, and food products, which reflect the true meaning of quality, pride, and craftsmanship. Look for "Made in Montana" stickers and tags found on a variety of Montana-made products, ranging from clothing and food products to hardware and electronic components that are shipped worldwide. Labels appear only on products that have a minimum of 50 percent value added in Montana. Your group can take home some very unique gifts by looking for the ''Made in Montana" label when shopping for souvenirs.


Sapphires of both gem and industrial quality are mined in western and central Montana. The unusual cornflower-blue sapphires of Yogo Gulch near Lewistown are said to be the deepest blue of all sapphires in the world and are of highest gem quality. Named by the Indians, the word "yogo" means "blue sky." Yogo sapphires can be found in Montana's gem stores and rock shops. Groups who wish to mine their own sapphires may try their luck at one of the many sapphire mines located Helena and Philipsburg or purchase sapphire jewelry at local retail stores.


Until 1982, Butte's famed Berkeley Pit ranked third in open-pit copper mining in the United States. All but one-tenth of Montana's copper was mined at Butte, "the richest hill on earth." Copper products can be found in gift shops throughout Montana. Items made from copper include bracelets, belt buckles, candle holders, cookware and dishes are found throughout Montana's communities including Butte, Missoula, Polson and West Yellowstone.

Wild Berry Products

During the summer and fall, wild chokecherries, buffalo berries, plums and huckleberries grow abundantly in Montana. Many Montanans collect these fruits and produce wonderful taste treats. Chocolate covered huckleberries and chokecherry syrups, to name are few, are made by several companies in the state. These products can be purchased in delicatessens, grocery stores, and gift shops throughout Montana.

Wines and Microbrews

Montana's abundant orchards of cherries and apples, the wild chokecherries and huckleberries and vast wheat and barley fields provide the opportunity for wineries and microbreweries to be crafted under the skies of Montana. From Culbertson to Missoula, six wineries produce award winning wines, which can be savored in some tasting rooms or during dinner. From Wibaux to Whitefish and Belgrade to Belt, over 20 breweries produce local beers, great ales and pilsners that can now be sampled until 8 pm in nearly every major Montana city or enjoyed in many local restaurants. These wines and micobrews, sampled in a tasting room, during dinner or at a local event are delicious and relaxing ways to sit back and reflect on the surrounding beauty and toast to the days adventure.

Wheat Weaving

Wheat grows abundantly on Montana's rolling hills and plains. Many Montana artisans weave the wheat to create a variety of objects. An old craft that originated in England, wheat weaving can be used to make wall hangings, corsages, centerpieces, necklaces, napkin rings and many other items. Not just wheat is used. Barley, oats or any plant that has a hollow stem can be incorporated into wheat weaving. Wheat weavings, wheat stalks and books on the subject can be found in arts and crafts stores and stores that handle handmade items.

Indian Crafts

Jewelry, pottery, beaded work, moccasins, baskets, dolls and many other items can be found on or near our seven reservations. Also shop for Indian crafts at "Trading Posts" throughout the state.

Western Art

Montana abounds with studios, galleries, foundries and shops specializing in western art. The best Western art collections can be found at sales and auctions held annually in Montana. These also provide the buyer with an opportunity to meet the artists personally. Events such as the CM Russell Auction held in Great Falls each March, the Kalispell Art Show held each August and the Western Rendezvous of Art held in Helena each August. Many communities also host Art in the Park and Farmer's Markets throughout the summer, where emerging artists and craftsmen display, promote and sell their art beneath the skies of Montana.

Montana Agates

Montana agates are highly prized by rockhounds all over the country. They are commonly called "moss agates" because of the tree and fern-like images within the gem. A lava product formed millions of years ago, moss agates are one of nature's true wonders. Their coloration may consist of a single color or may be in combinations of red, black, green and blue. These attractive stones are found along the lower Yellowstone River from around Custer downstream to Sidney, a distance of almost 200 miles. Moss agates and jewelry may be purchased in lapidary shops throughout the state.

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