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City Quiz

Montana Cities Quiz

Each of the following phrases is a clue to the name of a town in Montana. Rollover the answer column to reveal the answer.
A noted newscaster Huntley
A wounded animal Lame Deer
An animal home Deer Lodge
An African explorer Livingston
A well-known circus Ringling
A small sweetheart Wibaux
A line of toiletries Avon
A very fleet animal Antelope
A part of New York bought from Indians for $24 Manhattan
A fur trader (Jim) Bridger
A ranch activity Roundup
A flower of infancy Rosebud
A large snake Anaconda
A warm, southwest wind Chinook
A small valley Dell
A wide look Broadview
A geometric figure Circle
A former TV sheriff (Matt) Dillon
No. 18's former deputy Chester
A hill standing alone Butte
A colorless vertebrate Whitefish
A severed money institution Cut Bank
A double overpass Twin Bridges
A starving mammal Hungry Horse
A caretaker of sheep Shepherd
An exterior view Outlook
Solomon's request Wisdom
Abundant fuel Plentywood
Much above average Superior
Holds up a person's pants Belt
Indian footwear Moccasin
Next door to heaven Paradise
Multiple tableware Three Forks
Custer's regimental song Garryowen
Where the Trojan war was fought Troy
Uncivilized Savage
First U.S. Treasurer (Alexander) Hamilton
Flip Wilson's impersonation Geraldine
Bookkeeping form Ledger
A type of bean Lima
Neptune's fork Trident
To split Divide
Type of tree or bug Box Elder
The Russian capitol Kremlin
A vacuum cleaner brand Eureka
Get on your knees and Pray
Invoices Billings
Distance (+ City) Miles City
Big stone Boulder
Large forest Big Timber
Colorless corridor Whitehall
Flaming inn Red Lodge
(West+) Large ice cube West Glacier
Founder of psychoanalysis Froid
What water does in the freezer Hardin
One who grows flowers Gardiner
Small waterfall Cascade
A tree whose foliage was used to make crowns Laurel
A cigarette brand Winston
Unmarried girl Maiden
A large utensil Big Fork

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